18 de maio de 2022 Miguel Silva

Shoe Company to Supply its Factories with Wind Energy in 2022

Footwear manufacturer Vulcabras announced that it will supply its plants with WIND ENERGY from 2022.

Global Brands Mizuno and Under Armour, and Regional Brand Olympikus will be produced in Brazil with wind energy from 2022 on.

The factories, located in Horizonte (CE) and Itapetinga (BA), will be supplied by one of the largest wind energy complexes in the world, Rio do Vento, in Rio Grande do Norte.

The R$ 150 million contract signed with Casa dos Ventos, a Brazilian company that develops energy generation projects through renewable sources, provides for the supply of clean energy for a minimum period of 13 years.

The company will supply the entirety of Vulcabras’ average consumption, 7 megawatts, and that in this new profile will avoid the release of 15,000 tons of CO2 annually into the atmosphere — the equivalent of planting 67,000 trees.

“This energy demand will be available continuously, while the contract lasts. That is, there will be a constant replenishment of these 7 megawatts to guarantee the production of 100% of the shoes with wind energy”, say the representatives of the company, which has today a staff of 15 thousand employees in its two manufacturing plants and administrative centers in Jundiaí (SP) and in the capital of São Paulo.

Sustainable sneakers – Late last year, Olympikus, one of the brands that are part of the company’s portfolio, launched a sustainable edition of the Corre 1 sneaker, the Corre 1 Eco, produced with recycled and renewable components.

This new version is made with materials such as GREEN EVA, made from sugar cane, and is present on the sole and insole of the shoe.

In addition, the upper is made with POLYESTER YARN RECYCLED FROM PLASTIC BOTTLES and the sole also has special rubbers extracted from the RUBBER TREES.

Source: Vulcabras.

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